Jiangsu Hongxin Huayin Circuit-tech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. It is a holding subsidiary of HON-Flex (stock code 300657) and focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of rigid-flex Printed Circuit Board.

Our company signed a technical cooperation agreement with SHARP at the beginning of its establishment and brought in some advanced production and testing equipments from Japan. It focuses on R&D and the production of high-end multi-layer rigid-flex printed circuit board. So far, it has set up long term and stable cooperative relationship with O-film, BYD, Truly and HOLITECH.

As the leader of FPC in China, the Company has successfully turned the line width and via hole diameter of electronic circuit thinner and smaller through independent research, development and innovation and based on polyimide substrate, becoming an important component manufacturer for 5G and flexible applications.

We will be adhering to business philosophy of ‘Sincerity, Excellent, Cooperation and development’ and inheriting the policy of HON-Flex group, which is adhering to ‘brand strategy and quality strategy’. We will improve our technology and innovating ability continuously with a high quality team with craftsmanship spirit, our target is being a domestic leading enterprise of rigid-flex printed circuit board industry and providing customers with the best quality service.

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